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Replacement Laptop DC Power Jack - for IBM / Lenovo / Toshiba - 2.5mm Centre Pin - Our Part: PJ31



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Available for UK & Europe delivery or collection from Dundee and St Andrews branches. (Show)

One Supplied.

2.5mm Centre Pin. This item includes the jack only- it does not include the harness (you should reuse this).

List of compatible models

- Toshiba Satellite A500 Series: A500-xxxxx, A500-01X, A500-1GM, A500-13C, A500-13F, A500-13M, A500-132, A500-134, A500-136, A500-137, A500-138, A500-17X, A500-02F, A500-ST5601, A500-ST5602, A500-ST5605, A500-ST5606, A500-ST5607, A500-ST5608, A500-ST56EX, A500-ST56X3, A500-ST56X4, A500-ST56X6, A500-ST56X7, A500-ST6621, A500-ST6622, A500-ST6644, A500-ST6647, PSAM3A-03P00E, PSAM3A-04200E, PSAM3A-04000E, PSAR3A-01K002, PSAR3A-026002, PSAR3A-02U002, PSAR3A-00R002, PSAM3A-03N00E, PSAM3A-03Q00E, PSAM3A-03S00E, PSAM3A-03T00E, PSAM3A-04100E, PSAR9A-02J001, PSAR3A-01M002, PSAR3A-02U002, PSAR9A-02S001, PSAR9A-031001, PSAR9A-01H001, PSAR0A-019010, PSAR9A-02L001

- Toshiba Satellite A500D Series: A500D-xxxx, A500D-10H, A500D-10J, A500D-13C, A500D-132, A500D-134, A500D-138

- Toshiba Satellite A665 Series: A665-xxxx, A665-3DV, A665-3DV8, A665-3DV11X, A665-3DV12X, A665-S5170, A665-S5173, A665-S5176, A665-S5176X, A665-S5177, A665-S5177X, A665-S5179, A665-S5182, A665-S5182X, A665-S5183, A665-S5183X, A665-S5184, A665-S5184X, A665-S5186, A665-S5186X, A665-S5187, A665-S5187X, A665-S5199, A665-S5199X, A665-S6050, A665-S6054, A665-S6055, A665-S6056, A665-S6057, A665-S6058, A665-S6065, A665-S6067, A665-S6070, A665-S6079, A665-S6080, A665-S6081, A665-S6084, A665-S6085, A665-S6086, A665-S6087, A665-S6088, A665-S6089, A665-S6090, A665-S6092, A665-S6093, A665-S6094, A665-S6095, A665-S6097, A665-S6098, A665-S6100

- Toshiba Satellite L445 Series: L445-xxxx, L445-S5975

- Toshiba Satellite L445D Series: L445D-xxxx, L455D-S5976

- Toshiba Satellite L455 Series: L455-xxxx, L455-S1591, L455-S1592, L455-S5000, L455-S5008, L455-S5009, L455-S5045, L455-S5046, L455-S5975, L455-S5980, L455-S5981, L455-S5989, L455-SC2085, L455-SP2901A, L455-SP2901C, L455-SP2901R, L455-SP2902A, L455-SP2902C, L455-SP2902R, L455-SP2903A, L455-SP2903C, L455-SP2903R, L455-SP2922A, L455-SP2922C, L455-SP2922R, L455-SP2925A, L455-SP2925C, L455-SP2925R, L455-SP5011L, L455-SP5011M, L455-SP5014L, L455-SP5014M, L455-SP5015L, L455-SP5015M, L455-SP5017

- Toshiba Satellite L455D Series: L455D-xxxx, L455D-SP5012L, L455D-SP5012M, L455D-SP5976

- Toshiba Satellite L550 Series: L550-xxxx, L550-00P, L550-113, L550-207, L550-EZ1702, L550-EZ1703, L550-ST2721, L550-ST5701, L550-ST5702, PSLN0C-00P008, PSLN8A-00Y008, PSLW8A-01101F, PSLWSA-01000Q

- Toshiba Satellite L555 Series: L555-xxxx, L555-S7001, L555-S7002, L555-S7008, L555-S7010, L555-S7916, L555-S7918, L555-S7929, L555-S7945

- Toshiba Satellite L555D Series: L555D-xxxx, L555D-S7005, L555D-S7006, L555D-S7909, L555D-S7910, L555D-S7912, L555D-S7930, L555D-S7932

- Toshiba Satellite L640 Series: L640-xxxx, L640-00U, L640-02V, L640-0CS, L640-BT2N13, L640-BT2N15, L640-BT2N22, L640-I4010, L640-I4012, L640-ST2N01, L640-X4310, L640-X431A

- Toshiba Satellite L640D Series: L640D-xxxx, L640D-ST2N01, L640D-ST2N02, L640D-ST2N03

- Toshiba Satellite L645 Series: L645-xxxx, L645-S4026, L645-S4026BN, L645-S4026GY, L645-S4026RD, L645-S4026WH, L645-S4032, L645-S4038, L645-S4055, L645-S4059, L645-S4060

- Toshiba Satellite L645D Series: L645D-xxxx, L645D-S4025, L645D-S4029, L645D-S4030, L645D-S4036, L645D-S4037, L645D-S4037BN, L645D-S4037RD, L645D-S4037WH, L645D-S4040, L645D-S4050, L645D-S4050BN, L645D-S4050GY, L645D-S4050RD, L645D-S4050WH, L645D-S4052, L645D-S4053, L645D-S4058, L645D-S4058BN, L645D-S4058RD, L645D-S4058WH

- Toshiba Satellite L650 Series: L650-xxxx, L650-10G, L650-11F, L650-12Q, L650-1MC, L650-1MV, L650-BT2N15, L650-BT2N22, L650-BT2N23, L650-ST2G01, L650-ST2GNX1, L650-ST3N01X, L650-ST3N02X, L650-ST3NX1

- Toshiba Satellite L650D Series: L650D, L650D-02M, L650D-02P, L650D-04W, L650D-03J, L650D-111, L650D-11C, L650D-11D, L650D-11R, L650D-173, L650D-ST2N01

- Toshiba Satellite L655 Series: L655-xxxx, L655-S5055, L655-S5058, L655-S5059, L655-S5060, L655-S5061, L655-S5062, L655-S5065, L655-S5071, L655-S5072, L655-S5075, L655-S5078, L655-S5083, L655-S5096, L655-s5097, L655-S5101, L655-S5112, L655-S5114, L655-S5115, L655-S5117, L655-S5123, L655-S5128, L655-S5132, L655-S5144, L655-S5146, L655-S5147, L655-S5149, L655-S5150, L655-S5155, L655-S5156, L655-S5158, L655-S5160, L655-S5161, L655-S5161x, L655-S5163, L655-S5165, L655-S5168, L655-S5188, L655-S5191, L655-S5198, L655-S5212, L655D-S9511D

- Toshiba Satellite L655D Series: L655D-xxxx, L655D-S5050, L655D-S5055, L655D-S5066, L655D-S5067, L655D-S5076, L655D-S5093, L655D-S5094, L655D-S5095 L655D-S5110BN, L655D-S5110WH, L655D-S5116, L655D-S5145, L655D-S5151, L655D-S5159, L655D-S5159RD, L655D-S5159WH, L655D-S5164, L655D-S5164RD, L655D-S5164WH, L655D-S5198, L655D-S6051

- Toshiba Satellite L755 Series: L755-xxxx, L755-06N, L755-10C, L755-10D, L755-10G, L755-10J, L755-10K, L755-10Q, L755-1C0, L755-1C1, L755-1C6, L755-1CD, L755-1CF, L755-1CG, L755-1CJ, L755-1DR, L755-1EP, L755-1GH, L755-1GJ, L755-1HW, L755-1HX, L755-1KU, L755-1J2, L755-1J5, L755-1JG, L755-1JH, L755-1LE, L755-1LF, L755-1LM, L755-1LZ, L755-1M0, L755-1MU, L755-1N6, L755-1NM, L755-1OU, L755-115, L755-11H, L755-11J, L755-11K, L755-11M, L755-11N, L755-11P, L755-11U, L755-11X, L755-12D, L755-12F, L755-12G, L755-12H, L755-12L, L755-12P, L755-13E, L755-13F, L755-13G, L755-13H, L755-13K, L755-13N, L755-13R, L755-13T, L755-13U, L755-13X, L755-13W, L755-14D, L755-14E, L755-14F, L755-14G, L755-14H, L755-14K, L755-14L, L755-14N, L755-14P, L755-14U, L755-14V, L755-14W, L755-14Z, L755-15K, L755-15N, L755-15R, L755-15T, L755-15Q, L755-15U, L755-15W, L755-15X, L755-167, L755-167, L755-168, L755-169, L755-16C, L755-16H, L755-16J, L755-16K, L755-16L, L755-16M, L755-16P, L755-16Q, L755-16U, L755-16R, L755-16T, L755-16V, L755-16W, L755-16X, L755-16Z, L755-17C, L755-17Q, L755-17R, L755-17U, L755-17V, L755-17W, L755-18E, L755-18K, L755-18N, L755-18P, L755-18Q, L755-18T, L755-18X, L755-18Z, L755-19C, L755-19D, L755-19E, L755-19F, L755-19G, L755-19H, L755-19J, L755-19K, L755-19X, L755-21T, L755-S5110, L755-S5130, L755-S5151, L755-S5153, L755-S5154, L755-S5158, L755-S5166, L755-S5167, L755-S5168, L755-S5170, L755-S5173, L755-S5175, L755-S5204, L755-S5214, L755-S5216, L755-S5217, L755-S5242, L755-S5243, L755-S5244, L755-S5245, L755-S5246, L755-S5248, L755-S5252, L755-S5253, L755-S5254, L755-S5255, L755-S5256, L755-S5257, L755-S5258, L755-S5271, L755-S5277, L755-S5311, L755-S5349, L755-S5350, L755-S5351, L755-S5353, L755-S5354, L755-S5355, L755-S5356, L755-S5357, L755-S5358, L755-S5360, L755-S5362, L755-S5365, L755-S5366, L755-S5368, L755-S7102, L755-S7111, L755-S7114, L755-S7130, L755-S7245, L755-S7248, L755-S7307, L755-S7309, L755-S7340, L755-S7352, L755-S9513RD, L755-S9520D, L755-S9530D, L755-S9531, L755-S9532, L755-SP5101CL, L755-SP5167CM, L755-SP5174RM, PSK1WC PSK1WU, PSK2YE

- Toshiba Satellite T135 Series: T135-S1300, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1305, T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1307, T135-S1309, T135-S1310, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1312, T135-S1330

- Toshiba Satellite T135D Series: T135D-S1320, T135D-S1322, T135D-S1325, T135D-S1325RD, T135D-S1325WH, T135D-S1326, T135D-S1327, T135D-S1328, T135D-S1328RD, T135D-S1328WH

- Toshiba Portege R700 Series: R700-S1310, R700-S1311, R700-S1312, R700-S1320, R700-S1321, R700-S1322, R700-S1330, R700-1331, R700-S1332, PT310A-0LK011, PT310A-07D011

- Toshiba Portege R705 Series: R705-P25, R705-P35, R705-P40, R705-P41, R705-P42, R705-ST2N03, R705-ST2N04

- Toshiba Netbook Mini NB205 Series: NB205-N310/BN, NB205-N311/W, NB205-N312/BL, NB205-N313/P, NB205-N323BN, NB205-N324BL, NB205-N324WH, NB205-N325BL, NB205-N325BN, NB205-N325PK, NB205-N325WH, NB205-N330BL, NB205-N330BN, NB205-N330PK, NB205-N330WH

- Toshiba Netbook Mini NB305 Series: NB305-N410, NB305-N410BL, NB305-N410BN, NB305-N410WH, NB305-N411BL, NB305-N411BN, NB305-N413BH, NB305-N415BL

Important: Item cannot be returned once fitted. Please check that the item matches the part you need. Compatibility information above is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we are not responsible for any discrepancies.

Disclaimer: These parts are manufactured by an independent third party company. They are not made by the laptop company/companies listed above, and are not endorsed by them. All trademarks shown are for usage identification purposes only.


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