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Replacement Laptop DC Power Jack - for Acer and Gateway - 1.65mm Centre Pin - Our Part: PJ65



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Available for UK & Europe delivery or collection from Dundee and St Andrews branches. (Show)

One Supplied.

Note; this jack does not include the harness. You can reuse the existing harness for this purpose.

List of compatible models

- Acer Aspire 5251 Series: 5251-1202G16Mn AS5251-1202G16Mn, 5251-1202G25Mn AS5251-1202G25Mn, 5251-1203G16Mn AS5251-1203G16Mn, 5251-1203G25Mn AS5251-1203G25Mn, 5251-N122G32Mn AS5251-N122G32Mn

- Acer Aspire 5340 Series: 5340 AS5340

- Acer Aspire 5534 Series: 5534 AS5534, 5534-1073 AS5534-1073, 5534-1096 AS5534-1096, 5534-1121 AS5534-1121, 5534-1146 AS5534-1146, 5534-1398 AS5534-1398, 5534-5410 AS5534-5410, 5534-5950 AS5534-5950

- Acer Aspire 5538 5538G Series: 5538 AS5538, 5538G AS5538G

- Acer Aspire 5551 5551G Series: 5551-N332G16Mn AS5551-N332G16Mn, 5551-N332G32Mn AS5551-N332G32Mn, 5551-N334G32Mn AS5551-N334G32Mn, 5551-N532G32Mn AS5551-N532G32Mn, 5551-N534G32Mn AS5551-N534G32Mn, 5551-N832G32Mn AS5551-N832G32Mn, 5551-N833G25Mn AS5551-N833G25Mn, 5551-N833G32Mn AS5551-N833G32Mn, 5551-N834G32Mn AS5551-N834G32Mn, 5551-N834G50Mn AS5551-N834G50Mn, 5551-1_BR2G25M AS5551-1_BR2G25M, 5551-1_BR3G25M AS5551-1_BR3G25M, 5551-P321G16Mn AS5551-P321G16Mn, 5551-P322G25Mn AS5551-P322G25Mn, 5551-P322G32MnAS5551-P322G32Mn, 5551-P323G25Mi AS5551-P323G25Mi, 5551-P323G32Mn AS5551-P323G32Mn, 5551-P324G25Mn AS5551-P324G25Mn, 5551-P324G32Mn AS5551-P324G32Mn, 5551-P324G50Mn AS5551-P324G50Mn, 5551-P324G64Mn AS5551-P324G64Mn, 5551-P52_BR3G25 AS5551-P52_BR3G25, 5551-P522G25Mn AS5551-P522G25Mn, 5551-P524G50Mn AS5551-P524G50Mn, 5551G-N332G32Mn AS5551G-N332G32Mn, 5551G-N334G32Mn AS5551G-N334G32Mn, 5551G-N334G50Mn AS5551G-N334G50Mn, 5551G-N534G64Bn AS5551G-N534G64Bn, 5551G-N532G32Mn AS5551G-N532G32Mn, 5551G-N534G32Mn AS5551G-N534G32Mn, 5551G-N534G50Mn AS5551G-N534G50Mn, 5551G-N534G64Bn AS5551G-N534G64Bn, 5551G-N832G32Mn AS5551G-N832G32Mn, 5551G-N832G50Mn AS5551G-N832G50Mn, 5551G-N833G25Mi AS5551G-N833G25Mi, 5551G-N833G32Mn AS5551G-N833G32Mn, 5551G-N834G32Mi AS5551G-N834G32Mi, 5551G-N834G32Mn AS5551G-N834G32Mn, 5551G-N834G50Mn AS5551G-N834G50Mn, 5551G-N834G64Mn AS5551G-N834G64Mn, 5551G-P322G32Mn AS5551G-P322G32Mn, 5551G-P323G25Mi AS5551G-P323G25Mi, 5551G-P324G32Mn AS5551G-P324G32Mn, 5551G-P324G50Mn AS5551G-P324G50Mn, 5551G-P522G25Mn AS5551G-P522G25Mn, 5551G-P524G32Mi AS5551G-P524G32Mi, 5551G-P524G50Mn AS5551G-P524G50Mn, 5551G-P524G64Mn AS5551G-P524G64Mn

- Acer Aspire 5552 5552G Series: 5552 AS5552, 5552G AS5552G

- Acer Aspire 5741 5741G Series: 5741-332G25Mn AS5741-332G25Mn, 5741-332G25Mn AS5741-332G32Mn, 5741-332G64Mn AS5741-332G64Mn, 5741-333G32Mi AS5741-333G32Mi, 5741-333G25Mn AS5741-333G25Mn, 5741-333G32Mn AS5741-333G32Mn, 5741-334G25Mn AS5741-334G25Mn, 5741-334G32Mn AS5741-334G32Mn, 5741-334G50Mn AS5741-334G50Mn, 5741-334G64Mn AS5741-334G64Mn, 5741-352G32Mn AS5741-352G32Mn, 5741-353G50Mn AS5741-353G50Mn, 5741-354G32Mn AS5741-354G32Mn, 5741-354G50Mn AS5741-354G50Mn, 5741-432G32Mn AS5741-432G32Mn, 5741-433G25Mn AS5741-433G25Mn, 5741-434G32Mn AS5741-434G32Mn, 5741G-332G25Mn AS5741G-332G25Mn, 5741G-332G32Mn AS5741G-332G32Mn, 5741G-332G50Mn AS5741G-332G50Mn, 5741G-332G64Mn AS5741G-332G64Mn, 5741G-333G32Bn AS5741G-333G32Bn, 5741G-333G32Mi AS5741G-333G32Mi, 5741G-333G32Mn AS5741G-333G32Mn, 5741G-334G32Bn AS5741G-334G32Bn, 5741G-334G32Mi AS5741G-334G32Mi, 5741G-334G32Mn AS5741G-334G32Mn, 5741G-334G50Bn AS5741G-334G50Bn, 5741G-334G50Mn AS5741G-334G50Mn, 5741G-334G64Mn AS5741G-334G64Mn, 5741G-352G32Mn AS5741G-352G32Mn, 5741G-352G50Mn AS5741G-352G50Mn, 5741G-353G50Mn AS5741G-353G50Mn, 5741G-354G50Mn AS5741G-354G50Mn, 5741G-432G32Mn AS5741G-432G32Mn, 5741G-434G32Mn AS5741G-434G32Mn, 5741G-434G50Mn AS5741G-434G50Mn, 5741G-434G50Bn AS5741G-434G50Bn, 5741G-434G64Bn AS5741G-434G64Bn, 5741G-434G64Mn AS5741G-434G64Mn, 5741G-436G50Mn AS5741G-436G50Mn, 5741G-436G64Bn AS5741G-436G64Bn, 5741G-436G64Mn AS5741G-436G64Mn

- Acer Aspire 5742 5742G 5742Z 5742ZG Series: 5742 AS5742, 5742G AS5742G, 5742Z AS5742Z, 5742ZG AS5742ZG

- Acer Aspire 8920 8920G Series: 8920 AS8920, 8920G AS8920G

- Acer Aspire 8930 8930G Series: 8930 AS8930, 8930G AS8930G

- Gateway NV50A Series: NV50A

- Gateway NV51B Series: NV51B05U, NV51B08U

- Gateway NV53A Series: NV53A00, NV53Axxx, NV53A, NV53A05U, NV53A11U, NV53A24U, NV53A32U, NV53A33U, NV53A36U, NV53A48U, NV53A52U, NV53A75U, NV53A82U, NV53A88U

- Gateway NV55C Series: NV55C03U, NV55C11U, NV55C14U, NV55C15U, NV55C17U, NV55C19U, NV55C22U, NV55C24U, NV55C25U, NV55C26U, NV55C28U, NV55C29U, NV55C30U, NV55C31U, NV55C32U, NV55C33U, NV55C34U, NV55C35U, NV55C38U, NV55C39U, NV55C44U

- Gateway NV59C Series: NV59C05U, NV59C09U, NV59C11U, NV59C26U, NV59C27U, NV59C28U, NV59C31U, NV59C32U, NV59C33U, NV59C34U, NV59C35U, NV59C40U, NV59C41U, NV59C42U, NV59C43U, NV59C44U, NV59C46U, NV59C56U, NV59C57U, NV59C63U, NV59C65U, NV59c66U, NV59C69U, NV59c70U, NV59C72U, NV59C73U

- Gateway NV79C Series: NV79C17U, NV79C27U, NV79C34U, NV79C35U, NV79C36U, NV79C37U, NV79C38U, NV79C42U, NV79C47U, NV79C48U, NV79C49U, NV79C50U, NV79C51U, NV79C52U, NV79C54U

Important: Item cannot be returned once fitted. Please check that the item matches the part you need. Compatibility information above is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we are not responsible for any discrepancies.

Disclaimer: These parts are manufactured by an independent third party company. They are not made by the laptop company/companies listed above, and are not endorsed by them. All trademarks shown are for usage identification purposes only.


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