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ACARD is one of the world's leading manufacturers of duplicators and storage devices. Founded in the mid-1990s, they have wide-ranging expertise in many areas, including controller chip design. Choosing ACARD means more than going with a small company that simply repackages other people's technology- you get the benefit of their unique, proprietary, and world-leading technologies in every one of their duplicators.

There are a choice of ACARD duplicators. They are standalone units- no PC required! And so simple to use- prices start from simple affordable, entry-level Acard duplicators. Choose from a controller-only version- these are unpopulated and do not include the two drives (a DVD-ROM and a DVD burner) nor the housing- you have to supply these yourself. Perfect if you already have some spares you wish to reuse in a cost-effective manner!

Other versions include the controller and the case, but not the two drives (i.e. it is unpopulated). This is the one to go for if you have a couple of spare drives but no housing. Or try the fully-populated versions. They come complete with both drives already installed and a case, and are ready to go!

Choose from higher-capacity versions, such as one-to-three models that make up to three copies in a single pass!

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