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~ Continuous Ink Supply System (for Epson CX3600 (CX-3600)) (UB)




Continuous Ink System- Save Pounds and cut down on refilling!

Four tank system, for use with the following Epson printers:
  • CX3600 (CX-3600)
Continuous Ink Supply Systems (also known as CISSs) provide a constant supply of ink to your printer's print head.

Since the tanks in this continuous supply system are much larger than those in the small ink carts that you'd normally use with your printer, they don't even require refilling as often (let alone replacement!)- saving you time and hassle! And yet they don't require you to replace the ink cartridges themselves.

Also, don't forget that changing ordinary cartridges on a printer will waste ink as part of the installation process. In addition to this, a large percentage of the ink is left behind in the sponge when the cartridge is "empty". Taking this into account, you can expect each 100ml filling of ink to last 7 to 10 times longer than a normal cartridge.

And best of all, you can buy more ink from us at very competitive prices and in bulk; for example, a 500ml bottle will give five refillings of the CISS ink tanks and 35 to 50 cartridges worth of ink! You can see that we're not joking when we say that this system will save you money.... lots of money!

System uses vacuum-flow setup that stops leakage and avoids loss of ink supply to the print head.

Even taking into account the initial cost of the system, if you do lots of printing, it will save you vast amounts of money and hassle in the long term. Costs working out as a small fraction of those that come with ordinary cartridges.

Includes four full 100ml tanks of ink.

Please note that the photographs are for illustration purposes only; versions of this system for some printers may vary cosmetically, but will be functionally the same.

Manufacturer's Item Number: UB-CISS-ECX3600

See also: Our range of bulk ink, suitable for use with CISSs.

can this ink system go on a lexmark 3600-4600 serise

[ Disk Depot Replies: No. We regret that this product will only work with the listed printer (Epson CX3600)- it will not work with the Lexmark 3600-4600 ].

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