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~ Intenso 40x CD-R - Extra Long 90 Minute / 800MB Capacity - 10 Discs in Jewel Cases



They're pretty rare, but 800MB/90 Minute CD-Rs do come along now and then, and these discs from Intenso are as good as any out there

IMPORTANT: Please read before purchasing. Not all drives and/or software support burning of CDs over the standard 700MB/80 Minute maximum. Both your burning hardware and software must support overburning, and must have the correct settings configured. Some claim that overburning CDs past the capacity of your drive can damage it, others claim that this is simply a myth. Either way, we recommend that you verify compatibility of your drive before purchasing these discs. Happy burning!

(Technically, even the "standard" 80 minute CDs- burned or pressed- that we're familiar with exceed the spec, however, almost all drives can handle them. This isn't always the case with anything greater than 80 minutes, however.)

If you simply want more capacity than standard CDs offer, we recommend the purchase of a DVD burner, as even a standard single-layer disc can hold 4.7GB.

Media Type:CD-R ("recordable CD")
Quantity:10 Discs
Pack Type:Individual Jewel Cases
Write Speed:40x
Disc Size:Full-size CD (12cm)
Data Capacity:800MB / 90 Minutes - see description for more details

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