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Verbatim 16x Wide / Full Face Inkjet Photo Printable DVD-R 50 Blank Discs - 120 Minutes 4.7GB / DVD Minus R - No ID - 43533



Variants Available:

Full-face printable DVD-Rs from one of the world's leading manufacturers

Ever since Taiyo Yuden (their only real rival in the field) left the market, Verbatim have been generally considered to be the leading company in the production of optical media, anywhere. They usually manufacture their own discs- a major plus when you absolutely require the world's best media.

These discs are "full-face" printable, so that you can print from the edge almost all the way to the centre of the disc. (Until some genius designs a system to let us print on the hole in the middle, this is as good as it's likely to get!) Ideal for your own video productions or promotional discs where you want that "professional" look, when used in conjunction with a photo-quality printer.

(Note that unlike some Verbatim printable discs, these do not include any form of visual identification on the discs themselves whatsoever, i.e. the print surface is totally blank).

4.7 GB
Spindle & Tub
Inkjet Printable
DVD-R (Standard)
16x (DVD)
MCC 03RG20 / MCC03RG20

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