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Hi again!

Computer feeling a bit dull and dated, but not keen on buying a new one? We bring you ten ways to make it better- publish with the Epson SX130, make free phone calls with our Skype phone, add USB 3.0 interfaces, get a wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad... and much more.

We hope you're soon enjoying your computer again as much as when you first got it. Have a great weekend!

- Nick and the Disk Depot team


Epson SX130 Multifunction Printer/Scanner/Copier

This stylish printer, scanner and copier is the ideal choice for home users and students who need a compact all-in-one that can print, copy and scan at an affordable price.

Includes set of four compatible cartridges.

Sumvision Skype Internet Phone

Sumvision's WXT-06L is a VoIP phone (Voice over IP; a fancy way of saying "telephone data over the Internet"). It lets you make free calls using Skype's Internet-based telephone service and software!

Features an integrated LCD display, displaying numbers or nicknames, and includes a fast recall facility. Also compatible with over VoIP software and services.

Corona ATX Micro Case

Great value Micro ATX case is ideal if you're looking to build a neat, compact desktop tower PC that doesn't take up a large amount of space. Many "standard" ATX-compatible motherboards are in fact Micro ATX size and will fit inside this smaller case.

Includes powerful 450W PSU.

USB 3.0 PCI Express Card

If you want to add the latest high-speed 5Gbps USB3 technology to your desktop PC, then take a look at this card. It fits into any PCI-E slot and upgrades your computer to support USB 3.0!

21.5" Widescreen Monitor

Great value 21.5" widescren monitor features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, the same as the latest HD televisions. Ideal for viewing films on your computer and getting your work done!

Paradox Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

This wireless keyboard not only features stylish, laptop-style keys, but it also includes an integrated touchpad. That's right; no wires required, no mouse required- it's all in one.

Includes mini USB receiver. Ideal for multimedia use, or just those who like to kick back and live their computer life without wires!

Sumvision Ruby Mouse

Another great mouse from SumVision, this one is very affordable yet features an ergonomic design and- as expected nowadays- an optical sensor. Plus the all-important scroll wheel... all for £3!

Sumvision N-Cube Pro - 2.1 PC Speaker System

Sumvision's N-Cube is a value for money 2.1 Pro speaker system for everyday sound use with added bass! This is a fantastic value setup at under £15.

Maloperro "OnStreet" Laptop Case

Carry your laptop in style wherever you go with Maloperro's range of surf-inspired laptop cases. This one supports laptops up to 15.4/15.6" and includes tough padding and protection for your computer

Emtec Webcam, Headset and VoIP Set - END OF LINE SALE

Great value end-of-line sale price on this webcam and headset kit.

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